New Year, New…Mentality

I’ve always subconsciously cringed on New Year’s Day when I see hoardes of people caption their Instagram photos or Facebook posts – “New Year, New Me.”

While highly admirable that people are planning change, it’s definitely easy to be naive to think that at the stroke of midnight and with the calendar displaying a new year, that some divine external power or that you yourself are going to overhaul your current self into a new person with new habits and basically a new personality. 

Honey. Change is gradual. Any change or force that is sudden is often a shock to the system and it’s important to be wary that on a lot of circumstances you’re going to have to make small conscious decisions that add up to you changing a habit and facet of your self. This is a gradual aggregation of benefits over time. 

One of the most important things I’ve seen people struggle with is diet. So many friends quit on their New Years resolutions in their first few weeks. Not to mention feel guilty about it too. 

So how can we avoid this kind of new year resolution emotional devastation?

Partially our body size depends on the lottery of genetics, but outside of that, whatever your body shape, the most effective form of getting lean is to consciously take small steps to make healthier choices. 

While we’re younger it’s easier to pick the sweet soft drinks and chocolates, deciding not to get a drink with your meal and opting for water instead, and gradually doing this as frequently as possible soon cuts out a massive part of your sugar intake. Maybe have one less coffee, indulge less on that smoothie and stop giving yourself the comfort of having high fat snacks at home. Opt for a tasty meal with lots of greens on whim, and then repeat that as frequently as possible. Indulge when you feel you need it, but make sure your feelings aren’t the sole driver of what you eat. 

Build these small choices into life time habits and soon you won’t need a short term diet. You’ll be living the life you want. 


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